What’s Happening at

Tortuga Pirate Festival 2018

Party Circle

Every year we split up the Party Circle for eight ships and households who step up to provide entertainment, games, contests and fun for everyone at the event! Each household sponsors a King & Queen candidate pair, so consider who you want to vote for as you attend each party!

Dont forget to collect your Pieces of Eight and stamps for ye S.A.I.L!

Voting takes place bright and early on Sunday Morning! Be sure to come to the opening court for more information!

Pirate Olympics

Gather your friends and form up as your skills be tested in the Pirate Olympic Games. Feats of strength, of skill, power and dexterity. Will you take home the gold, or will your boasts prove nothing more than hot air beneath the sails? The Pirate Olympic Games will happen during the daytime on Saturday the 1st!