What is Tortuga Pirate Festival All About?

What is Tortuga Pirate Festival?

Imagine you are a pirate who has been on the sea for many months. Your supplies have run low, you’ve been eating hard tack and salty fish, arguing with your ship mates, and
exposed to the elements, and you’re dirty, tired, sore, lonely, bored and you need a break!

You pull into port at a beautiful island where luxurious parties have been laid out in honor of your return! You cannot wait to sample all of the things you missed while you were at sea and to have a great time with all your friends.

What might you experience?

There are 8 different parties, with 8 different themes who are all competing against each other to see who can throw the best shindig. You might see contests, games, performances by belly dancers, burlesque performers or fire shows. There may be live music. There will probably be some really good food, drinks and decorations. Everyone will be dressed in their pirate finest.

All day Saturday will be the Pirate Olympic Games where you can participate in fun contests and compete against your friends to win prizes and medals! Take a break from mundania and play! It’s really fun!

Will you see adult themed activities?

Yes. Adult themed activities can mean a lot of things. Most likely, there will be alcoholic beverages, pirates do enjoy their rum and apple pie. You may be exposed to activities of a sexual nature within private camps. You may also find Kink / BDSM activities happening at private camps. Keep in mind that while we acknowledge that adult activities are fun, and we as  organizers like to engage in some of those things that they are not the focus of Tortuga Pirate festival – but rather a flavor in the giant ice cream sundae that is our event if you will.

NOTE: Public Sex acts are illegal and not encouraged or allowed at our event.

Consent is very important to us as a Nation.

For our  Nation’s policy, click here.
Consent includes not only getting permission to touch someone, but also it includes getting permission to join in someone else’s activity, or to watch, or be in the same space. We also ask that participants refrain from public sexual / kink activity, because while we don’t  want to yuck someone else’s yum, your favorite flavor may be a flavor that others do not enjoy. This is okay. We’re all different!


Please inform a staff member if any of the following occurs:
* If someone touches you without your permission in a way you do not like

* If someone harrasses you (bugs you and does not stop)

* If someone continually attempts to coerce you into doing something you don’t want to do.

* If you see public sexual acts. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE NUDITY. Nudity does not  necessarily = sex. We all have bodies.

* If you feel someone harrasses you because of your body type, size, gender, sexual preference, color, etc, etc.

We welcome adults of all sizes, colors, genders, orientations, spiritual paths, abilities… and on and on and on. Basically, we try to be as inclusive as possible.

We encourage everyone to come and enjoy yourself, to fit in with the theme – as in dress and act like a pirate in the spirit of immersion for this weekend.


What is Tortuga Pirate Festival NOT?

Tortuga it’s own unique festival. We are not a sex party. We are not a giant orgy. We
are not a frat party. We are not Burning Man (Nothing against Burning man though!). We are not a rave. Helping us to keep up the theme that our organizers spend months and in some cases years creating by keeping with the pirate spirit and being respectful and kind to others is the best way to fit in to this fantastic event!


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