Tortuga Pirate Festival Staff 2016

Points of Contact

If you wish to contact a staff member, please use our contact form and mention the name of the person you’re trying to reach and we’ll get them in touch with you as soon as possible.

President of the Board of Directors

Governor Zorgon
(Dennis Rensink)


Deputy Autocrat
Executive Vice President of the Board of Directors

Commodore Morgan MacPhearson
(Nathan Brakefield)

Head of Constabulary

Owen MacPhearson
(Justin Gardner)

Land Steward
Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Jarl Dickbeard
(Richard Willmeth)

Programming Director

Lara O’Meara
(Cera Collins)

Volunteer Coordinator

Tulia ‘Biscuit’ MacPhearson
(Sarah Noll)

Volunteer Coordinator

Jamie Rae MacPhearson
(Rachel Gardner)

Merchant Coordinator

Scott ‘The Shameless’ Du’lann
(Scott Huber)

Party Czarina

Zarina O’Carle
(Melanie Carle)

Pirate Olympic Games

Katrine Drielle
(Janna Pearce)

Gate and Pre-registration
Secretary of the Board of Directors

Scarlett Rose Cross MacPhearson
(Rose Jacobs)


Captain Sasha Cross
(Meri Jo Bauder)


Eugene Ulrich


Grit Shank

Camp Master
Vice President of the Board of Directors

Captain Jai Tail
(Jai Eller)

Other Staff:

Autocrat’s Team:

Office / Administration: Dawn Hamilton

Governor’s Club Manager: Brutis (Johnathan Miller)

Art / Logos: Lee Bonjorni


Deputy Autocrat’s Team:

Parking: Smurf (Chris Clugston) and Gimli (Tyler Quebodeaux)

System Specalist: Pasha


Constab Team:

Constab Lieutenants:  Captain Torrance MacPhearson (Terry Noll), Sir William De Sade (William Cramer), Viktor Maddok (Bryan Cook), Ken Inoue, Josh Stewart

Constab Sergeant / Merchant Constab: Karma Craven


Volunteer Coordintor’s Team:

Assistant Coordinator: Elspeth Gotz

Scuttlebutt Lead: Lulu (Erin Bittenbender)

Loaner Garb Lead: Lady Bengal MacPhearson (Gail Hubble)


Programming Team:

Scheduling: JeZeBeLe The Gypsy Queen (Barbie Griggs)

Newspaper: Lady Cutlass (Bobby Boden), Luanne Johnson


Gate Team:

Gate seconds: Melanie Carle, Switzerland, Nicole Gilson


Bank Team:

Bank Second: Astrid Tallbroad (Sarah Robicheau)