The Event Ban policy is a set of guidelines and procedures regarding, identifying, and handling individuals who are banned from Seadog Nation (SDN) sponsored or funded events, in the interest of maintaining the physical and/or mental well-being of the participants. This policy, and the suggested processes pursuant to this policy, are applicable to in-person events, taking place in physical spaces.

All attempts to resolve issues through mutual discussion and the grievance process in place should be exhausted if possible before banning or recommending that individuals be banned from events.


We are committed to empowering all patrons, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, political affiliation, religion or community status, to enjoy a positive and constructive experience through attending in-person events. We are dedicated to creating safe physical spaces for event attendees to meet, interact, learn and collaborate in person.


    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that appropriate protocols are in place to help assure the mental and physical safety of event attendees, in the circumstances where a banned user should attempt to attend a SDN sponsored or funded event. Its scope covers from the planning stages through the duration of the event, as well as the immediate post-event period.

    The processes pursuant to this policy are applicable to situations where a ban restricts the access (explicitly or implicitly), attendance and/or participation of individuals at events that are sponsored or funded by the SDN, or – in certain cases – associated entities. This policy uses the term ‘events’ only for such affairs organized by SDN and is therefore not applicable for events that are not sponsored or funded by the SDN, or in certain cases, associated entities.


    Violating any of the following requirements may result in banishment: All event attendees are expected to adhere to applicable rules on public behavior as well as the Code of Conduct required by the SDN as well as any guidelines put forth by a specific event.  Repeated abuse or behavior that compromises the trust and safety of our staff or volunteers. Disseminating information that is untrue that could cause potential profit loss or substantial time loss for its staff or other members to correct.

    SDN reserves the right to reserve services to any individual for any reason other than discrimination against a protected class.

    To ban a person from our attending our event, the following procedure will be followed:     

    1. The ban will be proposed to the Board of Directors (BOD).
    2. There will be a discussion.
    3. The BOD will vote on whether to ban the individual.  The majority vote will be the deciding vote.

    Bans are valid for 1 calendar year and are re-evaluated each year.


    Individuals banned from attending events pursuant to this policy should be notified in writing (either electronically or using traditional paper media). Notices of event bans will be issued by the Team Resources & Communications Manager (TRMC) or Secretary, through electronic communication wherever possible. Where no private email address is known or can be reasonably discovered, SDN will attempt to communicate with the user through available options such as a physical address or a notice to their Facebook Messenger.

    For users initially banned in person, at an event, they should be given a hard copy of the ban notice by the SDN representative or Constab official. This, whenever possible, should be done with two people present (the person talking to the user and a witness). Where possible a copy signed by the banned user should be kept by SDN confirming that they received a copy. If the user refuses to sign, they should not be pressed further, and the fact should be noted on the copy.

    Instructions on how to appeal a ban will be included with the notice of the ban.  If instructions are not included, the banned individual would follow the SDN grievance process to appeal the ban.


    It is SDN’s responsibility to request from the event organizers a list of any banned individuals prior to participating in the organization of an event. SDN will also ensure that the event organization team is adequately informed about event bans imposed by SDN. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that may be shared, this external communication will only commence upon receipt of a signed copy of the NDA, submitted by the event organization team.


    The fact that a user has been banned from attending an event may not deter or prevent them from physically joining or attempting to join. Attending an event from which one is banned is a form of harassment. As such, the SDN reserves the right to refuse entry or revoke one’s previously granted right to entry, without refund, for any attendee in breach of this or other policy, at the SDN’s sole discretion.

    The event organization team should make all possible efforts during the planning process to prevent banned individuals from attending an event. Should a banned individual still manage to physically attend an event, their safe removal from the premises should be ensured and all appropriate authorities should be notified. Support should be offered to any persons affected by the banned individual, should that be necessary.


    To ensure that all possible actions have been taken and all bases are covered, as well as identify possible areas for improvement, a full post-incident review should be conducted, following reports of banned individuals attempting or succeeding in joining events.