Party Circle

Tortuga Party Circle!

Come one! Come All! The Tortuga Party Circle is in sight!

The night we party as only Pirates can! To win the crowns of King & Queen, the following groups bring for your pleasure a night of fun, a night of drink, a night of music and a night to remember!

(At least remember enough to vote the next morning!)

The Scarlet Dove

Catriona “Kitty” MacGuinness
& Quinn MacGuinness
Theme: Vampirate


The Consortium/ The Blue Wolves

Warlord Apollyon the Destroyer
& Rear Admiral Ziegler Aqua Vitae
Theme: Creatures of the Night


Maelstrom Armada

Lord Admiral Sylver Stone
& Lord Admiral Marva LaFaye Czar of the Seadog Nation
Theme: Tavern of Treasures Games and Libations
“Maelstrom Armada gamers will be playing games with prizes, open bar for 21+, casino style games also being offered to gamble on.”

The Governor’s Club/ Criminal Dawn

Captain Mary-Katherine (Kat) McBride
& Jaximus Primrose


Hedonistic Pleasure Trust

Lady Elmira, First Officer of The Neptune’s Lady
& Unique Bitch (aka Pete), Morale officer of The Pain
Theme: Carnival Freak Show


Dragons Revenge

& Athinis Nighthawk
Theme: Human Expression through Art


The Copper Coin

Jarl Ulf Isemgrimr
Viking Raiding Party
“Jarl Ulf Isemgrimr invites you to join him on a Viking raid and the celebration afterwards. Come join The Copper Coin, the rest of The Shipwrecked Armada and their friends at The Viking Raiding Party Party!”








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