Olympic Games

Pirate Olympic Games

Gather your friends and form up as your skills be tested in the Pirate Olympic Games. Feats of strength, of skill, power and dexterity. Will you take home the gold, or will your boasts prove nothing more than hot air beneath the sails? The Pirate Olympic Games will happen during the daytime on Saturday the 2nd of September.

slide3_zpsebd1e5a4Games for 2017:

The schedule is written in such a way to make it difficult (but not by any stretch impossible) for you to compete in every event. Please get your teams together and e-mail Katrine
1) Your team Name
2) Your Team Captain (point of contact)
3) a list of who is on your team
4) What each team member plans to compete in.



Here is your Pirate Olympic Games Schedule!

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Below are the basic descriptions of the events, please see Official Rules to know more about each contest. Follow the rules ye pirates!

In the Merchant Coliseum

The Obstacle Course 10am-1pm
Run, jump, climb, balance, and don’t spill your liquid….these obstacles will not be the tricky part of this course. Your drink however will be in your cup in your hand at all times and must remain as full as possible while on the course because the more liquid you bring to the finish line the more points you will earn for your team. No Lids this year, no equipment that hasn’t been provided by the course, no addition of fluid, take your time, without wasting time.

Norse Wrestling 1-3pm
Martial event  (Bracketed event)
Wearing a belt, take your opponent to the ground. Touching the ground with anything but your two feet is a win to the other person. Rounds will take place until first, second, and third place are determined. Single elimination for this event.

Dueling 1-3pm
Martial event  (Bracketed event)
Start of each match a coin will be flipped to decide who gets to pick first. Winner of the coin toss may pick the weapon for the match or the side of the field they will be standing on. Loser will make the other choice. Only weapon allowed on the field is the weapon chosen for the match.

Viking Pillow Fight 3-5pm
One hand is designated as your “Box Hand” and must be touching the box at all times during the game. If at any point during the game your Box Hand leaves the box, you lose the game.


In the Dog Park

Sink the Ship 10am-2pm
Thunder clashes, lightning flashes around you, the seas roll and pitch, while the wind slashes at your face. You are the lone person able to fire the cannons. Can you sink the enemy ship? You only have 6 shots to do it. How much damage can you inflict? Your feet are planted firmly on the deck. You look out over the railing and see the enemy ship. It’s within firing range. Lightning flashes dance across the sky while thunder booms a rhythm. You look around you and realize you are the only one on your feet. Only you can fire the cannon. How much damage can you inflict on your enemy? Can you sink their ship and save the day?

Throwing Axes 11am-3pm
Only 1 contestant will throw at a time.  Only contestant and the attendant may be in the throwing lane during active throwing.  Each contestant will get 6 axes to throw. Each contestant will be given a brief tutorial on how to throw the axes.  Each contestant will be allowed to pace their own distance if they choose.  Single rotation distance (6 paces)  before the first ax is thrown.  No pacing or re-pacing after first ax is thrown.  Contestant may adjustments position at any time.   A minimum throw distance will be set.  Each ax must be thrown.  Axes may not be placed into the target.  Each ax should make a single rotation.   Multiple rotations will not count as a valid throw.  Axes will be thrown one at a time.  Only axes stuck into the target (face or sides) will be counted for points.  Contestants may not bring their own equipment.

Trebuchet 12pm-4pm
Break the wall!!  Load your trebuchet with the provided ammunition and let it fly.  Trebuchet can be moved within the box it is placed in.  Forward and backward for range, swiveled left or right for alignment.  Weights are not to be touched.  The wall will be set back up after each shot so that every block knocked over will be counted for points.  3 shots per competitor.

Thirsty Games Boffer Melee 5pm-6pm
Based on the idea of The Hunger Games, but Pirate Style!!  Game will run for 45 minutes.  All competitors must be 21 (ID will be checked at the Melee!!), and bring one (or more) boffer weapons, which must pass inspection prior to play.  It is recommended to mark your weapons prior to the game so that they can be returned to the owners afterwards.  All weapons will be placed in a pile at the center of the circle.  All Competitors will start at the outside of the party circle.  Judges will be located at the four compass points of the Dog Park.  On the word go, each competitor takes a shot (provided by the judges), then runs for the weapons.  Standard boffer combat rules apply, and each time a competitor dies, they must drop their weapons and run to a judge.  There they will take another shot, and then are allowed to reenter the game (competitors may choose to stay dead at this point if they do not wish to take another shot).  Judges count each death, and the person who has the least deaths when time is called wins.  In the event of ties for Gold, Silver, or Bronze tie breakers will be held within those groups.


In the Party Compass

Rum Runners Marathon 11am-Finished!
Governor Zorgon’s secret….show up to court!!!

Flipper Fill Relay 1-3pm
(4 member team)
This is a timed event.  Participants put on flippers, fill up the small buckets (from the large tote of water) and walks to the larger bucket with the small bucket on their head.  Once you reach the larger bucket, pour the water into the bucket.  Once small bucket is empty run back to the starting line (still in flippers) where they tag their teammate, remove your flippers, and pass them on to your teammate.  Continue until the larger bucket is full.  Each team member will likely carry water multiple times.  Small bucket must remain on head except to fill and to pour.  Tote of water may not be moved, larger bucket may not be moved.

Elephant Walk 11am-3pm
Wearing a pantyhose “trunk”, walk a straight line and swing your head to knock over eight water bottles, four on each side.  You may not use your hands (or feet) to move the pantyhose, baseball or bottles.  All motion must be initiated with your body movement.

Flip Cup 2pm-4pm
(6 member team)
Traditional rules. Bring your own BEER/CIDER!! Also, under 21s are more than welcome to participate with a carbonated drink of their choosing. (Again bring your own) Please clarify ability to cheat with the judge.

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