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2017 Merchants
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Arr-tic Poison
At Arr-tic poison we are here to serve you the best food. With snowball fights upon request.

Asylum Leather
Your supplier of quality hand crafted adult leather gear.

Attention Span Games
Attention Span Games & Garb brings all sorts of hand made nerditry to the masses. It’s a one stop shop for supporting local artists.

Audrey Angel Art & Cabinet of Curiosities
Audrey Angel Art and Cabinet of Curiosities brings you the best and prettiest dead things to adorn yourself in. The fluffiest of Butt Ruffles, And the Artiest of Art.

The Bank of the Seadog Nation
Home of your Dog Pounds needs!

Black Orchid Armory
Custom chain and scale creations at an affordable price for everyone.

Bri’s Top & Bottom
Bri’s Top and Bottom Wash and Rub. We make you feel NICE.


Butch & Harry
Butch and Harry is a Springfield, Oregon based natural company specializing in male grooming supplies and soaps. We source organic and local ingredients, when available. Our ultimate promise is in creating truly natural products without the use of artificial additives, fragrance oils, or colorants.

I re-purpose cups and mugs with pirate emblems, feathers, stones, and beads for sale, I make jewelry an hat and hairpieces, mermaid and fairy items and assorted other craft and hand made things including tablero sets with emblems. Collectors items and some books.

Corvidae Crafts
Handmade accessories vendor, welcome to custom work anytime. I’ll be bringing my latest one-of-a-kind leather, gemstone, bone, and metal works for you to add to your collection. This years signature color is royal blue, see it on my hand sewn leather pouches.

Dancing Muse
“We Dress Naked People” Dancing Muse has boots, kilts, coined hip scarves, hosiery and more.

Leather hats and goods


Emerald Forest Trinkets
Emerald Forest Trinkets creates mindful designs in metal, leather, glass and stone; jewelry for men & women. Also crowns to earrings, bracelets, necklaces belts and anklets. Spiritual Solutions by Alysa offers Palm, tarot and spiritual counseling, and helps you find and feed your spirit

Fae Built Inc
Mythological creatures practicing ancient crafts under inhuman conditions for demeaning wages and we pass the savings on to YOU!!

Fae Ley Lines
Fae Ley lines is the collaborative effort of Kathleen (Accessories of Fae) and Hadron the Collider. Wherever the strongest magic ley lines intersect, you will find us, bringing you goods and artifacts from sylvan glen to goblin den. We offer floral and decorative crowns and circlets, potions, and all manner of trinkets and rare trophies gathered and invented by Hadron.

Fathom Fortuna
I make fantastic fantasy headdresses, desirable drinking horns, and luscious leather goods!

Fringe Mead
Fringe Meadery is focused on crafting high quality mead made with local honey, fresh seasonal fruits, herbs and spices. We are taking a modern approach to the traditional notion of mead, creating a new drink in a class of its own.

Golden Horn Jewelry
We have a store front at Lloyd center mall and also we do fairs and festivals in Oregon.

Gypsy Cat Junk
Gypsy Cat Junk is your go to port for unusual and unique items from all over the world! I sell, hunt, barter and buy to bring you garb, gear, adornments… The complete what-not shoppe for all your newest treasures!

Hard Times Distillery, LLC
Six labels in six years, with more on the way.  As our company has developed we have focused on drawing our ingredients from the bountiful resources sourced from our local community.

Hiers’ Heavenly Pops
Hiers’ Heavenly Pops offers a wide variety of cake pop flavors that are super moist and delicious. A veteran owned and operated business.

Hodge Podge
Hodgepodge travels to all corners of the world to trade for the coins, beads and lace that accent her handmade clothing ,hats, shoes and fripperies.

Hurricane Hair Wraps
Handcrafted leather lace & beaded hair ornaments to adorn almost any length & type of hair, including beards! Flower crowns & circlets, too! Come play dress-up with our wares!

Iron Dragon Trading Co
Features hand made items from jewelry and drinking vessels to leather goods and battle ready weapons. We take custom orders and can even work on site.

Josey’s Java LLC
Wood-Fired Food, Blended Mochas, Snow Cones and Real Fruit Smoothies.

LMD Market
When you see us wandering through the port of Tortuga, ask about how you can add a piece of sexy flare to your garb, keep cool with a long-lasting neck wrap, or get your fortune read; and don’t forget to purchase your raffle ticket for the drawing at La Maga on Sunday evening!”

All natural romance enhancement products and bedroom accessories

Maelstrom Made & Massage
Take a break from the sun and craziness of the main stretch and visit Maelstrom Armada in the Badlands for a selection of goods to including jewelry and garb, or relax under the skilled hands of a licensed massage therapist.

Malabarista Coffee Company
We’re the coffee clowns, keeping the circus awake and on fire! No tricks, just good coffee. Performing day and night, across Oregon and the west coast, we bring organic locally-roasted espresso, herbaceous teas, hot and cold refreshments, and a variety of baked goods and fresh snacks to an event near you.

We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We can accommodate most food allergies and special needs. Just ask. We have meal plans and coffee cards.

Miscellany & Mischief
We offer the finest gypsy made candles and jewelry and the finest of miscellaneous (handmade and liberated) costuming, jewelry, and trinkets of all kinds ever to have fallen off the back of a ship or designed by talented craftspeople..

Mystic Wizard
For sale and purchase of hand made tablero board and shot glass with carry boxes marked with one of a kind original arts work. Also shot glasses and tankards both wood and mental.

Nute Trinkets
Items made from wild critter fur teeth and bone. Every item we sell is hand made by me from critters I catch, clean, tan, sew, sew and assemble.

Occams Edge
“Your source for a wide variety of quality Edged Weaponry, Flintlocks, and other treasures from the known and unknown worlds. We have a wide range of Blades, ranging from full tang, high carbon or Damascus blades, to ones for costuming and display. A proud Sea Dogs tradition for over 10 years!”

Odd Eye Photography
Photography booth specializing in vintage and sepia tones. Available open late for ship shoots, groups, individuals, and boudoir.

Expertly handcrafted period jewelry and wares for all your pirate needs. Or rent some time at the worktable and learn to make it yourself.

Reckless Abandon Leathers
Reckless Abandon Leathers is a small business who strive to provide leather garb and accessories at fair prices for everyone. We pride ourselves in keeping our sizes in a wide range, and allowing for some customization of fit.

Sarongs ‘N’ Stuff
Andre does amazing charcoal portraits
Margaret connects people with the perfect fabric, cool jewelry, and tent stakes to *really* secure your tent.
Cesare has coins and costume accessories that you will really want.

Savona’s BBB
Bohemian Rags for Big & Small! For Women & Men XS to 3X Gypsy Tribal Jewelry!

Schmoker Industries
Schmoker Industries is a leather arts, prop work, brass and mixed metal art business based in the Portland area. We will be a roaming throughout the event.

Silverthorne Crafts
All handcrafted leather accessories. Custom orders accepted. Some leather repairs on site.

Steik Hause
Meat on a stick fresh off the road

Stillwagon Distillery
We turn water Black Strap Molasses, and Pure Cane Sugar into 12 different and unique Rums. We also make a Sugar Cane Vodka, and a Single Malt Aged Whiskey. Everything is hand mixed, bottled, labeled and dipped in wax to seal in the goodness. All ingredients come from the natural source, there by giving your sense of taste buds an experience the likes they’ve never had.

Talismana Designs
Utility belts, ruffle bustles and festival freakery for the time-traveling Adventuress. Symbolic jewelry with mojo and meaning.

Temple Caffiena
Temple Caffiena has been caffienating the populous of Pirates for 21 years. In the style of Leonardo Divinchi. Hot and spicey.

The Crystal Mirror / Velvet Underground
Affordable garb and gear, Leather goods, and a wide variety of miscellany.

The Finer Things
The Finer Things is just that, an eclectic mix of all kinds of period goods, many of which are hard to find. We doing everything from quality ladies corsets, books, writing implements, jewelry, leather goods and on.

The Vagabond: Emporium & Mercantile
Without that supportive yet crucial piece of gear? The Vagabond fills the empty spaces of an outfit. Even when you were unaware of the void.

Time Turner Creations
Time Turner Creations brings you handmade accessories, original designed garb, re-purposed clothing, and leather work.

Tooth & Nails Knives
We offer an extensive line of Exclusively Damascus handmade knives which are heirloom quality pieces with a lifetime guarantee—at affordable prices. We offer fixed blades in dozens of blade shapes and styles including combat knives, chef knives, utility knives, skinners, and fantasy blades and daggers. In addition we have folding blades in two sizes and dozens of blade shapes.

Waters’ Edge Chandlery
At Waters’ Edge we provide general eventing supplies and much wanted accouterments for the pirate and adventurer of every budget. We also offer period pavilions and tents for rent that we transport set up and take down at astonishing rates.

Willie’s Weiners
Wrap yer mouths around Willie’s hot Weiners, brats, vegan dogs, soft drinks, Frito Pie, SpaghettiOs, GIANT pretzels, and other late night munchies! WILLIE’S WEINERS: JUNK FOOD FOR DRUNKEN PIRATES! OPEN LATE!!!!!

Wooden Wonders
Hand made and hand burned wooden signs and artwork. From clocks to quotes, I offer quality decorations and accessories at affordable prices.

4 Spirits Distillery
Local Distillery located in Corvallis, Oregon. Our daily mission is to perfect our craft, spread cheer and honor the courage and sacrifice of our service members, both present and past.