Our Merchants

2016 Merchants

Anthony Swingley

 Selling homemade wild picked jams to raise money for Relay 4 Life and the American Cancer Society. All money made is donated.


Arrtic Poison

 Snow cones, blended coffees, snack foods, and snowball fights. 



Asylum Leathers

 Hand crafted leather goods, onsite custom work and repair of leather products. Restraints, floggers, and impact toys to historical items, belts and accessories. Visit Website 


Attention Span Garb

 ASG is a collection of a few dozen PNW artists’ hand made goods with a bent towards nerditry and custom made things. Visit Website 


BellaVita Creations

 Hand made and custom jewelry, watches, and any sewing requests as well. Visit Website 


Blackstitch Garb Repair

 Blackstitch Garb Repair is here to mend those rips and tears collected in epic battle! Come on by and get your favorite pieces fixed up. Best of all, we are all by donation!


Bri’s Top and Bottom

 Bri’s Top and Bottom, pampering the head, hands and feet of Pirates and Gypsies since 2012. This year adding some items from Mundania to enhance your home and camp.


Bubbles Cantina

  Bubbles Cantina
  Bubbles Cantina, edible love from the Spanish Main. If you die in the Cantina you may end up as the next special. Visit Website.


Capt Shayna’s Plundered Wonders

  Captain Shayna’s Plundered Wonders. One of a kind samples, Dresslikeapirate.com customer returns, some of good ol’ Gabby’s Time Travelers Cotton Garb, vintage clothing & wedding gowns, alternative costuming findings, thrills spills and gills. Rope Sandals. Random. No expectations. Visit Website.



  Hand made jewelry and supplies stones and beads. Drinking mugs & cups with hand made Pirate Emblems. Assorted collectable and children’s toy and much more.


Charmed Touches

  An apothecary. Visit Website.


Corvidae Crafts

  Corvidae Crafts
  Our handmade wares include an assortment of leather goods to hold your items: hip pouches, shoulder bags, small chests, trading card boxes. Wearables include: belts, bracers, weapon frogs, skirt hikes and accessories like gemstone and feather earrings and necklaces. Visit Website.

Crafts by Grace

  Ice Cream and Cold treats, usually as a Wandering Merchant at SDN, and Garb and other cool treats in their booth.


Crystal Mirror & The Velvet Underground

  Crystal Mirror
  Rocks and crystals (metaphysical) and unique clothing… Visit Website.


D’s Thangs

  Ds Thangs
  D’s Thangs where I make every Thang under the sun (well almost). Visit Website.


Dancing Muse

  Boots, corsets, cloaks and accessories. Visit Website.


Dark Gift

  Leather hats, pirates, Cavaliers, top hats, other leather goods, vampire teeth, glass, leather wrapped bottles, and jewelry.


The Discourse

  Toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. Plus various tasty treats to accessorize your party with.


Fathom Fortuna

  Fantasy headpieces and jewelry. Visit Website.


Festival and Themed Event Management

  FATE Management will be selling ice! Visit Website.


Fire and Flame Sundries

  Fire and Flame Sundries
  Garb for male and female, jewelry for all, trinkets and toys.

Green Dragonfly Stones

  Green Dragonfly
  Crystals, fossils, faeries and more. Bring nature’s magic to you. Visit Website.


Hard Times Distillery

  Monroe Oregon based micro-distillery out to take over the world one bottle at a time. Offering cocktails and bottle sales. Imbibe wisely, help others. Visit Website.


Indigo Moon

  Robes, cloaks, folk inspired dance wear and custom thread works. One of a kind costumes made for your comfort, durability, and to be as easy on the wallet as possible. Visit Website.


Iron Dragon Trading Company

 Iron Dragon
  Iron Dragon Trading started out selling only battle ready damascus steel blades. That is still our primary focus and passion but we have also expanded into a group of skilled artisans with unique accessories. Visit Website.


Istanbul Gifts

  Istanbul gifts provides handmade jewelry and gifts from Istanbul Turkey. Visit Website.


Kazamier’s Elixers

 Hot and Iced Espresso Drinks, Chai, Hot Tea, and Italian Sodas. Too many flavors to list. Sugar free flavors and milk alternatives are available.



 Arousal and skin care, fun potions, lingerie and bedroom accessories. All our products are natural with no parabens. Visit Website.


Maelstrom Massage

 I and possibly 3 other Oregon LMTs (attendance is still being determined) will be providing shirt massage sessions. I will also have a limited number of BioFreeze (Better than bengay) to sell for clients who have regular aches and pains.


M&M Enterprises

Wandering Snack Bar, Proudly serving your snacking needs since well, Thursday afternoon…



 Food for all ages. We can cater to people with allergies or special food needs. Just ask. We have meal plans and coffee cards. Visit Website.


Metamorphosis Healing / Knotworks by Hart

 Grace Hart has been drawing original knot work for 25 years. She has just released an exquisite deck of knot work Rune Cards. Elan has been doing Spiritual healing in many styles since the 1970’s and has many tools and techniques for eliminating pain and moving life into more functional directions. Visit Website.


Miscellany & Mischief

  Miscellany & Mischief is proud to offer only the best of handmade jewelry, candles and costuming ever to travel the overland routes as well as the best wares to ever fall off the back of a merchant’s ship.


Mystic Wizard

 Mystic Wizard
 Hand made Tablero Boards with original Art.


Nute Trinkets

 I take critters I have caught and tan their hides, clean their skulls and bone to make jewelry and various fur items. All that I sell is hand made by me with a little help from my Mate. Visit Website.


Occams Edge

 Blades and weaponry for every occasion and every budget! Plus check out our other Pirate and Celtic accessories, such as Flintlock pistols; flags, drinking horns and more! Visit Website.


Peyote Beads

Hand made one of a kind rustic primitive clay beads and bowls! Visit Website.


Pixi Craft

 Cloaks, basic garb pieces, copper and other metal jewelry, belly dance tops and bottoms (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings) most everything is hand made, and I will be doing custom jewelry orders on site as well. Visit Website.


Pyrate Popped Kettle Corn

 The tastiest bits o’ corn doubloons to e’er to cross yer taste buds! We’ve scoured the seas for the best recipes to tempt yer shipmates palates. Visit Website.


Reckless Abandon Leathers

 Reckless Abandon
 Reckless Abandon Leathers is a small local leather working business, dedicated to creating unique customer leather pieces for its customers. Visit Website.


Sarongs & Stuff

 You can get your portrait sketched in your full pirate regalia ! We have handmade tent stakes and utensils, glorious fabrics and jewelry, hand made books. Get your copper coins here!


Savona’s Bitchin’ Bohemian Boutique

 Bohemian rags and gypsy jewels for big and small. Tall striped socks. Harem pants. Pirate shirts and so much more! Visit Website.


Silverthorne Crafts

 Custom chain mail jewelry and art, custom leather work, and custom Pirate hats. Visit Website.


Steik Haus

Hot fast meat on a stick!


Stillwagon Distillery

 Devil’s Own Rums, 9 types to choose from. Completely hand crafted. We start with fresh spring water, black strap molasses, pure cane sugar and turn it into booze, which is the base of our Rums. We also make our own extracts for Spiced and Black Spiced Rums to boot. Everything is done by hand; from mixing, to labeling, to bottling, to the beautiful wax dipped seals. Once you’ve tasted, it you will know what a beautifully hand crafted Spirit tastes like. Visit Website.


Terraluna Artworks

 Pirate/mermaid/gypsy themed soldered glass necklaces and small brocade patchwork bags!


Terri Potter

Information coming soon.


Time Turner Creations

  A plethora of pirate treasures where you can find affordable garb and hand crafted items. Visit Website.


Tooth & Nail Knives

  Exclusively Damascus, Hand Crafted Hunting Knives, Daggers, Chef and Fantasy Knives. Visit Website.


Trinkets by Ani Oakley

  I make all kinds of fun jewelry and accessories! Please check out my Etsy page! I am a encampment merchant. Visit Website.


Turtle Cove

  At ye ol merchiantile try we do to keep handy a tid bit of everything one might need for a weekend ashore at Tortuga. Chalices/drinking vessels, daggers, garb,foot ware ,jewelry, candles, etc.


Willies Wieners

  Our menu includes Giant Soft Pretzels, sodas, chips, and, of course, HOT DOGS!!!! Our wieners range from the Classic Dog to Vegan dogs. We also have the All Beef Frank (GF), Beer Brats, and an ENORMOUS 1/4lb Polish Sausage. All dogs come with your choice of a wide variety of condiments and toppings, including chili and Spaghettios!



Are you a merchant? We invite you to check out the Guild of Event Merchants; an organization to help and assist Merchants, Vendors and Dealers who frequent Pirate and SCA events, Renaissance Faires, Sci/Fi Cons, and other such events in the Pacific NW. Its Full Members are those Merchants who have ascribed to the goals and standards outlined in our Papers. Our Associate Members are Event Organizers, Event attendees, and other interested parties.  Our Merchant-O-Crat, Scott the Shameless Du’Lann is the founder.