We again will be located at Cheadle Lake park in beautiful Lebanon, Oregon.

If you’re looking for this year’s site layout map, it will be posted before July. Thank you for your patience.

There will be designated RV camping this year. If your RV looks like a gypsy wagon, a ship, a castle or could be mistaken for a dragon (and not just called a dragon), exceptions can be made.

Directions to Site:

37995 Weirich Dr

Lebanon, OR 97355

1. From North or South I-5 Take exit 228. (Hwy 34)

2. Follow Hwy 34 east to Lebanon.

3. Turn right onto Hwy 20 (Main Street) heading south.

4. Once you pass the “super Walmart” on the right look for the lumber mill on your left.

5. Cheadle Lake Park is behind the lumber mill.