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September 2-5, 2016  ~ Cheadle Lake Park, Lebanon, OR

Event times: Set up is Thursday September 1st for Party circle members 11AM. Merchant arrival is Thursday September 1st at 2PM. Friday September 2nd 8AM for all other pre­registered people and 10AM for general populace paying cash.


We are an immersion-style event that is Pirate themed! Set sail with us and take a side trip from your mundane life to experience a weekend of shenanigans, ships, fun, games and fire for grownups — or at least those who are grownup on the outside…
There is something for everyone here at Tortuga, if wenching, partying and playing be yer fancy, we feature eight themed Parties each evening who are presenting games, music, fire shows, and other entertainment. If you come ashore full of piss and vinegar and ready to fight, then come join the Pirate Olympic Games where you can wrestle another pirate to the ground (with or without mud)or go for the gold in a boffer tournament. Vote for your favorite party hosts to win King and Queen of the Pirates!!

Be sure to enjoy browsing and spending your pieces of Eight in our lovely Merchants Coliseum, or just hang out and meet some fantastic folks!

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